Top 3 Online Slots Games

Slots games are wildly popular amongst gamers of all backgrounds and from all walks of life, and the lack of any direct skill or strategy input makes slots the ideal level playing field. There are, as a consequence, hundreds if not thousands of variations to slots games, and in many instances online slots have become more advanced and more complicated than their offline counterparts. While every individual slots fan will have his or her favorite game, there are a few that seem to be played more widely than others for a variety of reasons. That’s why we’ve put together our list of the top 3 online slots games, to help share in the popularity of these front-running games. Different slots games offer different features, and while generally the differences are aesthetic there are a few subtle variations in the way slot games play. As a result, players are always recommended to try out as many different variations of slots games as they can, in order to decide the set up they feel works best for their gaming style. cleopatra

Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra slots is one of the original breed of slots games, which has now become a fixture of gaming sites worldwide. In fact, the Egyptian themes slots game has now seen a number of spin-off games created, with a series of games now available that are linked under the Cleopatra banner. In Cleopatra slots, players are required to match up an assortment of hieroglyphics alongside the more standard symbols. monopoly

Monopoly Slots

Based on the internationally popular board game, Monopoly slots is a combination of slots and Monopoly play. Players have to match symbols that take their themes from the game of Monopoly, in addition to often moving around a board as the particularly of the game dictate. With a range of different paylines based on the concepts and rules of the game itself, Monopoly slots is popular because of its twist on the basics of the slots game, and is one of the most engaging games around for this reason. Double Diamond

Double Diamond

A much more traditional slots game than the previous two, Double Diamond is reminiscent of the classic Las Vegas ‘fruit machine’ slot, with the traditional symbols players everywhere have grown to know and love. For those chasing a more authentic casino experience, games like Double Diamond are understandably popular, given their more traditional themes. Nevertheless Double Diamond slots can be just as entertaining as any other version, with multiple opportunities to win aside from the three-reel slot game itself. While these are undoubtedly three of the more popular slot games, there are in fact many countless more games that players can and should try. The more games you try, the more likely you are to find the slots variation that best suits your interested, and the one or two games that you find most engaging and enjoyable to play.